Osteopathy Case Studies

People often don’t understand what it is that osteopaths do and how osteopathy can help them. Below is a series of hypothetical case histories, based on typical patients that I see in practice. I want to show that osteopathy is a convenient and flexible approach to musculoskeletal therapy, combining the best elements of other therapies.

Every patient is an individual and treatment plans are tailored to their needs, abilities and budget. With osteopathy you get early access to expert advice, time taken to thoroughly explain your condition and, if necessary, referral on for further help.


Osteopathy Case Study – Hip Arthritis

Osteopathy Case Study – Acute Back Pain

Osteopathy Case Study – Chronic Back & Shoulder Pain

Details about various Osteopathic treatments for Back Pain in Birmingham and other conditions such as Sciatica, Arthritis, Whiplash, Muscle Pain & Sports Injuries at Oakville Osteopathy, Birmingham